CBSE Class 10 Blueprint 2019-2020 – Chapter wise marking scheme

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CBSE Class 10 Blueprint 2020 – Chapter wise marking scheme: The starting step of your career journey is the class 10th board exams, students are excited and scared at the same time when preparing for their class 10th board examination. Most of the students might have already prepared for their exams and are now revising the subjects. But for a proper revision or a study plan, you need to be well aware of the blueprint of your subjects. Here you are provided with the latest CBSE 10th blueprint and syllabus which will help you in properly planning your studies and preparing well for your board exams. Blueprint is important because it gives you a detailed idea of what is important and on what should you focus more. This will save your time and will help you in achieving the maximum score in your exams.

Social Science

CBSE Class 10 Blueprint 2020 – Chapter wise marking scheme

Blueprint of class 10th for all the subjects are available here. The blueprint for class 10th CBSE 2020 contains all the subjects like Maths, Social Science, General Science, English etc. Focusing on the weightage of marks and the important topics will make it easy to score good marks. A student should have no doubt about the marking scheme and the important topics after going through the blueprints properly. So given below are the blueprints for all the subjects, take a keen note of them and study accordingly.

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CBSE Class 10th Maths Blueprint, Marking Scheme

Majority of the students feel that maths is the most difficult subject and that they cannot do well in it. But the important thing to keep in mind while preparing for maths is that it gets better with practice, the more you solve the questions the more you will understand the subject. Go through the below given blueprint and make note of the important parts and then keep on practising to get better at the subject.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1. Number System 06
2. Algebra 20
3. Co-ordinate Geometry 06
4. Geometry 15
5. Trigonometry 12
6. Mensuration 10
7. Statistics and Probability 11
Total Marks 80
Marks Number of Questions
1 Mark 06
2 Marks 06
3 Marks 10
4 Marks 08
Total 30

CBSE Class 10th Science Blueprint, Marking Scheme

For scoring good marks in science, one needs to have an open mind and the curiosity to understand the subject. With regular study and practice you can master science with great ease, by going through the blueprint you will get a better idea of the syllabus and how to score good marks in the subject. Although a lot of students have a problem with the subject, but they can all overcome it easily with a strategic and smart way of learning using the blueprints.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1. Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour 25
2. World of Living 23
3. Natural Phenomena 12
4. Effects of Current 13
5. Natural resources 07
Total Marks (Theory) 80
Internal assessment 20
Grand Total 100
Question Types Marks per Question No. of Questions Total marks
VSA 1 2 2
SA I 2 3 6
SA II 3 10 30
LA 5 6 30
Practice Based Questions (PBQ) 2 6 12
Total 27 80

Social Science Class 10th Blueprint, Marking Scheme

Social Science is a maximum marks scoring subject. There is however a misconception about the subject that only memorizing it will help in scoring good marks and students who can’t cram up the topics feel difficult to score in it, but it is not totally like that. Understanding the subject will make it much easy for you to score, however a little memorizing is needed in it like the date of a particular event, climate or temperature for a particular crop etc.  With proper notes and structured planning you can score good, and using the CBSE class 10th blueprint for social science, you will get a proper idea on what to study and how to study it.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1. India and the Contemporary World-II 20
2. Contemporary India-II 20
3. Democratic Politics-II 20
4. Understanding Economic Development 20
Total 80
Marks per Question No. of Questions Total Marks
1 Mark Questions 09 09
3 Mark Questions 12 36
5 Marks Questions 07 35
Total 28 questions 80 Marks

English Class 10th Blueprint, Marking Scheme

English is possibly the most easiest subject to score good marks in. Having a proper grammar knowledge increases the chance of scoring good in the subject. Every chapter and story in the syllabus should be read and understood properly, by taking help from the blueprint for class 10th CBSE English, you can easily score good marks and also get a proper idea on how and what to study. This will increase your chances of scoring good in the subject and eventually will increase your overall percentage.

Part Topics Marks
1. Reading Skills 20
2. Writing Skills with Grammar 30
3. Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 30
Total 80
Marks per Question No. of Questions Total Marks
1 Mark Questions 28 28
2 Marks Questions 08 16
8 Marks Questions 02 16
10 Marks Questions 02 20
Total 40 questions 80 Marks

Preparing for your board exams smartly will help you in scoring high percentage. The blueprints provided here will help you in studying smartly, which will be less stressful and more result providing. So, improve your way of studying by using the blueprints and making a planned and structured study pattern for yourself and your friends and prepare well for your exams. All the best.

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